Human resources are the most valuable resource to Tongcheng Travel and constitute the cornerstone of the Company’s business development. By strictly abiding by relevant laws and regulations including the Labor Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Labor Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China, we protect the basic legal rights and interests of employees, provide employees with a fair, diverse and healthy working environment and establish a good and harmonious labor relationship with employees. Under the direction of the “Pursuing Innovation” value, we have established a training system that keeps pace with the time to help with employees’ career development and the Company’s growth together with employees.


The Company has formulated the Recruitment Management Measures and the Internal Recommendation Management System. In the course of recruitment and daily routine, we adhere to the recruiting principle of “Open, fair, competitive and meritocratic”. We do not discriminate against any talents due to their race, color, gender, age, family background, religion, physical fitness and nationality. We insist on equality of employees and endeavor to create a harmonious working atmosphere.

Working hours and holidays

We have adopted various work hour systems, such as standard work hour system and flexible work hour system, based on the attributes of different positions, to make sure our employees have fair and sufficient break time. We encourage balance between work and rest while ensuring work progress and quality. Besides, our employees enjoy the national statutory holidays, annual leave, personal leave, sick leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, nursing leave, breastfeeding leave, bereavement leave and other holidays.

Physical and mental health

We continuously care about the physical and mental health of employees. We provide annual free physical examination for employees. Our workplace has been equipped with sports facilities such as the fitness room, badminton court and football field, to satisfy employees’ demands for bodybuilding. We also show our care about employees’ mental health by pushing a monthly bulletin of mental health and holding stress relief salons.

Development and training

We are committed to creating a diverse, equal and informative learning environment for our employees. Through the establishment of Tongcheng Travel training system, we integrate internal and external resources to encourage employees to proactively participate in various training activities as well as to provide them with various opportunities to improve professional qualifications and professional skills, so as to help them grow with the Company. We have developed five major curriculums: Orientation Training, Management Academy, Professional Academy, Common Knowledge Sharing and Learning activities.